DJ Fresnel (electric_junkie) wrote in hrlq,
DJ Fresnel

For one day, let us put aside our differences, and celebrate!

The group is evolving- like it or not- and change is good. Change reminds people that life is only temporary. Yet at the same time, we cannot lose identity, an identity formed from tradition. It is our job not only to carry on tradition, but to explain it to the next generation. We call ourselves a family- an indeed many other theatre groups do-for they are. The most important thing is that we have a relationship that is different than other theatre groups. My Harlequin friends, whatever becomes of this group, as good as it gets, or as much as things change, just remember its part of ones journey through life.

That said...

The legacy on the now infamous events of FAME shall haunt this theatre group for the foreseeable future. Why deny it.

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