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Franny and Zoey...

so it's been decided that instead of doing Franny and Zoey right before the curtain we have to meet BEFORE call and receit it else where. Shreiber and Renee were being like the typical administration and trying to make us as mundane as possible. they originally wanted to do away with Franny and Zoey all together (yeah, like that's ever going to happen) and just be done with this tradition that has ment so much to so many people- it's like taking the "Our Father" out of the Church or the Prayer of Generosity out of U of D. we have a lot of division now, we are not the close nit family that we once were but when that scroll is being read we all know that that is why we are there, that is why we put up with staying there till 9,10, or 11 o'clock; that is why we listen to Renee or Manwell bitch and rave; that is why we go hours without food after building, painting, dancing, and/or singing for what seems twice as long; that is why we put up with Bricker yelling, or Lady screaming, or Me being a bitch because i haven't had a cigarette in hours. we do it for the show. we do it for the audience. WE DO IT FOR THE FAT LADY!

Franny and Zoey will never die.
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